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Can it be interesting even for us in Västmanland? Welcome to an information meeting with Helena Lundell, business manager for the Fountain House Örebro and members and supervisors from the same fountain house. Together they will present the model and its effects. Time: May 18, Location: Video meeting via the Zoom platform.

The information is aimed at: politicians, managerial officials, user organizations and other interested ones. There is consensus within the research world: the fountain house model is effective for rehabilitation of people with mental illness. In particular, on human plane, but also in terms of reduced costs for healthcare, social support from the municipality and compensation from social insurance. With the containing rehabilitation programs, people who stand far from the labor market can find the way back.

You can also read more about the model and houses’ activities at Sveriges Fountain House Association and at the Örebro Fountain House. MC Fair 28 – January 30, it will be MC Fair again in Stockholm. D.

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